Dinner Menu

Small Plates

Steam Baked Salmon and Mushroom

(Midnight Diner Style) $16

Sweet corn, Miso butter, Puff rice $9

Pork Belly with Thai Tangy Sauce $9

Tako Wasabi $ 10

Grilled Shishamo with Sweet and Spicy Fish Sauce Dressing $10

Onsen Tamago with Monk Fish Liver & Ponzu $13

Spicy Sichuan Style Dumplings $12

Clams in Sake Dashi Stock $13

Stir-Fried Mushrooms with Black Pepper Cream Sauce $14


Hakka Abacus Seed $18

Truffle mushroom paste| Sautéed minced pork | Fried shallots

Barachirashi Don $20

Chopped sashimi | Secret bara sauce| Koshihikari rice

Wagyu Beef Don $22

A4 Tajima Wagyu | Secret bara sauce| Koshihikari rice

4 Eggs Creamy Pasta with Uni $25

Ikura | Mentaiko | Tobiko| Onsen Tamago

Smoked Duck Aglio Olio $15

Thai Specials

Grilled Giant River Prawn (250g) with Braised Tang Hoon $22

Tom Yum with Grilled Spiny Lobster & Mama Noodles $25

Daily Specials - Trust the chef!

*Subject to availability

Take home
Home-made Sambal Belacan (180g) $10